Why it is improper to charge your lithium ion battery with one adaptor?

Why it is improper to charge your lithium ion battery with one adaptor?

Adaptor is one power supply for IT devices; charger is what specially designed for battery charge” the Safety standards maker defined. A charger has battery management system which one adaptor doesn’t have. The price has one big gap between them due to their difference.

A lot people are very confused on choosing an adaptor or a charger. Can they replace each other? The answer is definite. The following two phases obviously tell why.


A: the safety standards and characters


1.       Standards for adaptor are IEC60950, UL60950; standards for charger are IEC60335, UL1310,UL1012. The safety standards defined their applications: an adaptor is what for IT devices power supply, charger is for battery charge. From the safety phase concerns, the safety standard maker made different standards for them and It’s irreplaceable.

2.        When you charge your battery, you need to use a trickle current and low voltage to warm your battery up first, you can’t charge your battery with one fixed high voltage and current to charge your battery before your battery is pre-charged. Charging without pre-charge damages your battery. Charger has pre-charge function which the adaptor doesn’t have.

3.        Lithium battery charger’s character decides the charge method: it needs linear current and voltage to charge at different period. A charger charges battery in a changeable voltage and current mode at different period; adaptor is not able to provide changeable voltage and current, what one adaptor provides is a very narrow voltage and current output.

4.        Lithium ion battery as special chemical energy storing device, over-charge is very destructive, it destroys battery and is in a very high risk to cause danger of fire. A real charger controls the fully-charged accuracy at 1%, but an adaptor is about 5%. Obviously, adaptor is very dangerous for charging.




1. Reverse connection destroys your battery. It causes a very high risk of battery damage even you have protection in your battery side. This maybe causes fire disaster. A charger has reserve polarity protection but an adaptor doesn’t have. It’s safe even you mistakenly connect the battery polarities when you charge by a charger.

2, To prevents danger which causes from short-circuit, the safety standards requests a complete cut off when it is shorted in circuit, the current must be 0 Ampere when it is shorted. A charger cuts off and with 0 ampere when the short circuit happens. This protection perfectly avoid danger of battery damage an adaptor generates high inrush current when it cuts off after shorted

 it destroys your battery badly.


From above all, we got that lithium battery charger specialized in charging with a perfect Protecting performance. It provides a safe charging solution protects your battery and device well; An adaptor doesn’t have necessary charging functions and protections. One adaptor is impossible to perform as one charger does. It damages battery and increases the risks of fire disaster if you misuse it as a charger to charge your battery. Again, the safety standards maker—UL defined their application: Adaptor is what to supply power to IT devices, Charger is what for battery charge. A lot companies confuse their applications and mislead consumers to choose the cheaper adaptor as charger, by doing this way, they burry you an invisible bomb to you… Please choose charger to charge your lithium battery devices.